Armin's Rest

Armin’s Rest


This peaceful village lies just a few hours east of the Trade Road and about 3 days south of Twin City. A nobleman named Armin Holdt settled here during the reign of Malroy II, establishing a small farm and tannery. Over the decades dozens of road weary tradesmen found their way here from various parts of Glandos, settling down and blending their skills and cultures into a thriving trade outpost. The village today serves as a frequent way-point for merchants and travelers heading to or from Twin City. Armin Holt has long since passed away, but his family remains as the patron and lord of the village, having given over a sizable tract as commonhold in accordance with Malroy III’s decree. Even now the village grows as newcomers find themselves drawn to it’s picturesque location. The village is with in the jurisdiction of Governor Findrake, a fair but stern magistrate. He stops twice during his 10 day circuit throughout his territory. For commonlaw matters the Holt family holds court every 7th day.

Within the village is a respectable selection of shops and craftspeople. Any common item can be found in this quiet little burg, and sometimes a few less-common items, depending on the recent influx of travelling merchants. Skilled craftsmen live and work in the village, so high quality (Masterwork) goods are often available, though some things may take some time to create or complete. Magical and other rare items are very infrequently available, as the citizens as well as the merchants that stop tend to be more modest of wealth.

Armin's Rest

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