The continent of Glandos

This is the world you know. There are rumors of other continents beyond the vast ocean, but no reliable knowledge exists, so far.


Glandos enjoys a temperate climate with few notable geographic features. A long and narrow range of low smooth mountains, known as the Morgal Mountains runs horizontally across the continent from east to west, splitting the land virtually in two. The Stoneface Mountains, another range of higher, more jagged peaks borders the southern coast.

The west of the continent is dominated by an expanse of wild grasses and sporadic clumps of sparse forest, known to most as the Western Plain. The Western Plain is modestly inhabited, dotted with small farming villages in the interior and numerous fishing towns along the coast.

The eastern land is rugged and remote, choked by a dense, ancient pine forest largely devoid of civilized outposts. Only a few brave souls have endeavored to settle here, and these hearty frontiersman only penetrated the forest to a depth of a few miles. Little to nothing is known about what lies beyond the Great Forest.

It is the Midlands, the central area of the continent, where life and civilization abounds. Dozens of hamlets and village are established all throughout this region. Larger towns and cities are found nearer to the large central Trade Road that spans the continent, dividing the continent again from the northern coast to the Stoneface Mountains.

At the place where the Trade Road crosses the Morgal Mountains is the crossing of the River of Galai, which flows west through the mountains from a lake far to the east and turns sharply southwest, crossing the Western Plain on its way to the sea. It is here that the capital of Glandos, Twin City, lies sprawling across the countryside, it’s 2 gleaming castles standing like sentries on either side of the mountain range.


Glandos has been ruled, for as long as history has recorded, by Kings and Queens who have ascended to the throne in the usual fashion, by bloodline or conquest. The current reigning bloodline was begun nearly 2 centuries ago, when Lord Elrich assumed the throne after vanquishing his predecessor on the field of battle. The sitting king, King Malroy III is of the line of Elrich is in his 30th year on the throne. King Malroy is heralded across the land as the most benevolent monarch since Elrich, having established a revolutionary new system of governing land and titles which allows commoners to earn the right to own a parcel of land, in drastic opposition to the feudal system which dominated the country for hundreds of years. Malroy has also established a moderate degree of self government in the cities and towns of Glandos, assigning regional governors who oversee a number of towns and villages and intercede in legal matters only where the concerns of the crown are involved. By and large, the daily domestic issues of a town or village are settled locally by whatever authority exists there.


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